Denton CollegesBellmere Apartments is within minutes of Texas Woman's University and University of North Texas! Close enough to be convenient but off campus enough to make it "HOME"!

Dorms are great for freshman but why not make your college experience comfortable by leasing at Bellmore Apartments. Our one and two bedroom Denton Apartments are quiet and comfortable and will help you sleep better and enable you to better focus on your studies...

Close to UNT

Bellmere's Denton Apartments are about a fifteen minute bike ride – or a ten minute drive – from the center of UNT's campus. With that distance, you can come home between classes, eat meals at your apartment (and save a ton of cash!), or have a short hop to your apartment after a late-night study session.

Close to TWU

We're even closer to the center of the TWU campus. It's just a three minute

bike to Administration Drive and the center of the college, which means you can easily come home whenever you need to during your school day. Just one major street away from the Bralley Anex and the Visual Arts Building, you can even walk to class from your Denton Apartments from Bellmere!


Great Amenities for Students

If you're past your freshman year and ready to get off campus, Bellmere's Denton Apartments is the location for you. We offer a great setup for students, especially students who prefer a quiet place to study. Our townhome style apartments mean that there are no noisy neighbors above or below you to ruin your study time.

Plus, all our apartments include a stackable washer and dryer, which means you don't have to pay a fortune to do your laundry at a Laundromat. Plus, you can save lots of time by doing your laundry at home when you're studying.

And, of course, our apartments allow you to cook at home, which can be a great way to cut back on your spending during your time at college. (Or, at least, to save up your pocket money for a real night on the town instead of a greasy fast food burger for lunch every day!). Our frost free fridge with ice maker offers plenty of space to keep your favorite meals and snacks on hand, all the time.

Our affordable one-bedroom apartments feature built-in shelves for extra storage, as well as an open kitchen-dining-living room area separated by a breakfast bar on the first floor. You'll love hosting study parties with your open floor plan and half bath on the first floor of your apartment, and there's plenty of space for your personal belongings with a large bedroom closet.

Two-bedroom apartments from our Denton Apartments are the perfect option for saving even more money with a roommate. The 1,250 square foot, two-level layout is perfect for living with a buddy, and you'll both have plenty of room to yourselves.

Like the one-bedroom, this apartment layout features a breakfast bar, so that the dining and living area feels open and spacious. The best part about our two bedroom apartments? They have a half bath on the first floor for guests, as well as one full bath for each bedroom!

These luxurious Denton Apartments are the perfect option, whether you want to live on your own or have a roommate during your time at UNT or TWU. Within easy reach of both campuses, you could even live with a roommate who attends the other university with no problems at all! And with these spacious living plans, great dining areas, and half baths for guests, your home is sure to become the go-to place for all your friends and study groups!